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Prague Trap

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* Find out instantly whether you are standing in a Prague tourist trap area. * Avoid overpriced Prague shops and restaurants that cater only to tourists. Locals know where the tourists traps are and avoid them, unfortunately for tourists it is difficult to determine whether a place is a tourist trap - a crowded restaurant could be full of tourists or a very popular place with the locals. This app will tell you which one is more likely.
* Before you pull out your money to buy that souvenir or before you walk into a restaurant find out whether you are a tourist trapped.
*** Features- Find out instantly whether you are standing in a Prague tourist trap area.- More than 10 defined trap zones. Not just obvious traps like Wenceslas Square but also the streets that lead to them.- No internet connection or data plan required with GPS enabled devices (almost all phones). Will work everywhere except for the deep underground Prague metro (which is not a tourist trap).- A lightweight app with a single purpose - to inform and protect you from overpaying at tourist traps.- If this app prevents you, even just once, from purchasing a overpriced golden beverage from a tourist trap it has payed for itself many times over.
*** Made by a Local for TouristsThis app was created by a Prague local who knows where all the traps are and where tourists should be cautious before pulling out their wallets.